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Covid Galapagos: Impact on our Activities

covid galapagos lockdown peregrina

Nobody was prepared for a global pandemic. Covid in Galapagos Islands has put a strain on the local economy. The sudden lockdown of businesses has had people reeling from the shock. But everybody is working hard to recover.

Here at La Peregrina Galapagos B&B the situation was slightly different. In February, the hotel was just about to change hands. The contract of the renters had ended. It was time for us to come back and take charge again. All activity had temporarily ceased. When Covid came to Galapagos, we had already closed for maintenance.

But La Peregrina was in need of work. It would take a lot of time and energy to update the facilities. The forced and prolonged pause in activities has allowed us to see our Galapagos hotel with new eyes. With no guests occupying the rooms, we can take our time. We are examining every last corner, noting all the imperfections. La Peregrina is about to get a much-needed makeover.

Covid in Galapagos: A Time For Creativity

We have big plans, but a limited budget. We have to use our resources wisely. A little elbow grease will take us a long way! Above all, we are striving to maintain a positive attitude. There is much joy to be had in the little things. Details that we often take for granted. Now we have the time to stop and smell the flowers. To marvel at the finches’ territorial fights. And to laugh at the greedy sea lions hankering for scraps at the fish market. Then it’s back to work again…

We will use this time of standstill well. Our hotel is temporarily closed. However, we will soon open our doors to you again and welcome you back. Until then, you can keep up with our progress here or here. We invite you to follow our story!

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