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Galapagos Restaurants: 7 options near La Peregrina B&B

We put together a list of 7 recommendations for good Galapagos restaurants, sorted according to price range. They are all located right here on Main Street, a very short walk away from La Peregrina B&B:

  1. Las Manabas, a small Galapagos restaurant offering the traditional “almuerzos”: a soup of the day, a main course of rice and a portion of protein. Prices start at 4,50 USD. (No website available.)
  2. Tropic Bird, a traditional Ecuadorian restaurant with a wide variety of local dishes. Prices start at 5 USD. Click to see pictures, read comments, and leave reviews.
  3. Santa Cruz Brewery, the island’s first craft beer place complete with an ocean view. Price range: 6 – 18 USD. Click to see the menu!
  4. Midori, a Sushi pub close to the dock. Price range: 7 – 20 USD. Click for the menu!
  5. Il Nuovo Giardino, Galapagos-made Italian restaurant in a garden-like setting. Price range: 9 – 22 USD. You know what to do…
  6. The Rock, a seafood grill and bar. Price range: 10 – 20 USD. Menu right here!
  7. El Muelle de Darwin, a sophisticated Galapagos restaurant that offers a variety of innovative seafood-based dishes. Price range: 18 – 50 USD. One click here will take you straight to their menu.

Why should I choose Galapagos restaurants in advance?

It’s always a good idea to check out your options for Galapagos restaurants before you start your trip, because that way you know exactly where to go right after you drop off your bags in your room at check-in. Use the time saved to get some much-needed rest – or why not start exploring the islands right away?

And of course – don’t forget that a hearty breakfast for every day is always included in the price you pay!

Psst – did you try any of these places during your stay? Would you recommend it to other guests?

Let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment down below!

Galapagos restaurants: Home-made bread served for breakfast at La Peregrina B&B.

Home-made bread is served for breakfast at La Peregrina B&B.

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